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Privacy Policy

Bytesmix Co., Ltd(referred to as “Company” hereinafter) holds the personal information policy as follows in order to protect the information of the information entity and process the related complaints swiftly and smoothly according to the personal information protection law. This personal information process policy is applied to the overall services of Bytesmix and regarding other services provided by other services, separate personal information process polices can be applied. The Company shall announce when it has to revise the personal information process policy through the service announcement

  1. Article 1 (Purpose of the use of the information and the collections)

    The Company shall use the collect and use the personal information of the customer through the mobile applications for the following purposes. Not-processed personal information shall not be used for other purposes than the following ones and when the purposes of use changes, the Company shall perform the necessary measures such as receiving the separate agreement in accordance with the personal information protection law

    1. ① Subscription for the service and management of the members

      The personal information is treated for the purpose of the customer verification, prevention of the illegal use of the service, various announcements and notices and the process of the complaints in accordance with the enforcement of the subscriber identification and certification, member qualification maintenance and restricted customer verification system etc followed by the verification of the intention of the member subscriptions and the provision of the membership service

      • 1. Id, Password, Cellular phone number, e-mail address etc are collected in case of the service user
    2. ② Certification and normal use of the service
      • 1. The following information shall be collected for the customer certification for the payment, deposit and withdrawal and security enforcement etc
        1. Name, Date of birth, Gender, Photo of the person holing the identification card (Name, Date of birth and other information masking), customer verification using the cell phone (Name, date of birth, cell phone number), Identification card(Resident registration card, driver’s license, Passport) (Name, Date of birth and remaining information masking)
    3. ③ Collection during the use process of the service
      1. 1. The connection information (counterparty country, machine type, browser, connection IP and date and time etc) is collected during the service use proces
      2. 2. Customer verification, cellular phone number etc are collected according to the use of other additional services
    4. ④ Provision of money and valuables and the service

      The personal information is process for the purposes such as the provision of the service, provision of the contents, provision of the customized service, customer certification, age certification and tariff payment and settlement etc

    5. ⑤ Process of complaints

      The personal information is processed for the purposes including verification of the identity of the complaining person, verification of the complaint content, contact for the fact survey and notification of the process result etc

    6. ⑥ Utilization for the marketing and advertising

      The personal information is processed for the purposes such as development of the new services or products and customized service, provision of the events and the marketable information and provision of the participation opportunity and provision of the services according to the demographical characteristics, display of the advertisement, verification of the effectiveness of the service and the comprehension of the connection frequency, the use of the member service and statistics about the use of the member services etc

    7. ⑦ Regarding the request for a investigation

      Provision of the data when a just and lawful investigation has been requested in accordance with the accident investigation regarding hacking and trickery and other law-related duty commitment

  2. Article 2 The Company is processing the following personal information items
    1. ① Personal informations
      • 1. Essential items
      • E-mail, cellular phone number, password and log-in ID

      • 2. Information generated automatically during the service use process or the business process procedure
      • Service record, connection log, cookie, connection IP information, payment record

      • 3. When checking the identification
      • Copy of the identification card(the information is supplied by inserting blanks for other information except for the date of birth)

    2. ② Collection method
      • 1. When subscribing as a member/the member shall provide directly for the member identification

    3. ③ Ground for the retention
      • 1. Agreement by the member (Agreement by the legal deputy when collecting a child’s personal information of under 14 years old)

    4. ④ Retention period
      • 1. Until the user requests for the withdrawal of his or her membership and withdraws his or her agreement on the personal information. However, the Company can retain the information for 3 years from the collection point and dispose of it if there is any record of the member’s illegal use or such illegal use is suspected in accordance with the company’s articles of associations

    5. ⑤ Regardless of the Company’s personal information treatment policy, the information that has to be retained by way of the related laws as follows should be retained for the period set by the law
      • 1. Service use-related personal information (Log-in record)
      • Retention ground : Telecommunication secret protection law
      • Retention period : 3 months
      • 2. Record about the mark and advertisement
      • Retention ground : Law on the consumer protection on the electronic commercial transaction
      • Retention period : 6 months
      • 3. Record about agreement and agreement withdrawals
      • Retention ground : Law on the consumer protection about electronic commercial transaction etc
      • Retention period : 5 years
      • 4. Record about the supply of the money and valuables and fee payment
      • Retention period : Law on the consumer protection about electronic commercial transaction etc
      • Retention period : 5 years
      • 5. Record about the complaint of the customer and the treatment of the conflicts
      • Retention period : Law on the consumer protection about electronic commercial transaction etc
      • Retention period : 3 years
      • 6. Record about the electronic financial transaction
      • Retention ground : Electronic financial transaction law
      • Retention period : 5 years
    6. ⑥ The Company shall dispose of the information without delay when the member withdraws after the purpose of use and collection of the personal information has been reached. However, if the need to conserve the information by way of the regulations of the related laws, the Company shall keep the personal information for a certain period ordered by the related laws
      • 1. Record about the agreement and the agreement withdrawals: 5 years
      • 2. Record about the fee payment and the supply about the money and valuables: 5 years
      • 3. Record about the complaints of the consumer and the conflict treatment: 3 years
      • 4. Telecommunications secret protection law log-in record : 3 months
  3. Article 3 (Rights, responsibilities and exercise method of the information holder)

    The user can exercise the following rights as the personal information holder

    1. ① The information holder may exercise the rights related to the personal information in each of the follows paragraph at any time about the Company
      • 1. Request for the reading of the personal information
      • 2. Request for a correction when there is an error
      • 3. Request for a erasure
      • 4. Request for a stop of the process
    2. ② The exercise of the rights by way of the clause 1 can be made through telephone, e-mail fax or in writing to the Company and the Company promises to take measures accordingly without delay
    3. ③ When the information holder request for a correction or erasure of the information about the error of the personal information, the Company does not use or provide such corresponding personal information until such correction or erasure will have been completed
    4. ④ The exercise of the rights shown in the clause 1 can be made through the person entrusted or the legal agency of the information holder. In this case, the information holder should submit the letter of attorney in accordance with the annex 11 of the personal information protection law enforcement rules
    5. ⑤ The information holder should not infringe the information or the private life of his own or other information holders that the Company is processing by violating the personal information law and related other laws
  4. Article 4 (Disposal of the personal information)
    1. ① The Company shall dispose of the corresponding personal information without delay when the personal information has become unneeded since the personal information retention period has been expired or the purpose of the process has been obtained
    2. ② Even when the personal information retention period agreed by the information holder has been elapsed or the purpose of the treatment of it has been obtained, if such information has to be retained continuously in accordance with the related laws, such corresponding personal information can be moved to a separate database and be conserved in a different custody place
    3. ③ How to dispose the personal information and the methods of it are as follows
      1. 1. Disposal procedure
      2. p The Company shall select the personal information that has generated the reason of being disposed of, and receive the approval from the Company’s person in charge of the personal information protection and dispose of the information
      3. 2. How to dispose
      4. p The Company dispose the personal information recorded and stored in the electronic file format using the low level format and crush using the crusher or incinerate and dispose the personal information recorded and stored in the paper document
  5. Article 5 (Safety securing measure of the personal information)
    1. The Company is taking the managerial, technical and physical measures needed to secure the safety as follows in accordance with the article 29 of the personal information protection law
    2. ① Technical measure about hacking etc
    3. p he Company is installing a protection program in order to prevent the leakage or damage of the personal information such as the hacking or computer virus, performs periodic renewal and inspection, is installing the system in districts whose access is restricted from outside and is inspecting and blocking technically and physically
    4. ② The Company is taking the following measures in order to secure the safety of the personal information
      1. 1. Managerial measure: Establishment and enforcement of the internal management plan and periodic education of the staff etc
      2. 2. Technical measure: Management of the access right to the personal information process system etc, installation of the access control system, encoding of the unique identification information and installing of the protection program etc
      3. 3. Physical measure : Control of the access to the computerization room and data custody room etc
  6. Article 6 (Encoding of the personal information)

    The personal information of the user is being stored and managed after being encoded using a password and thus only the information holder himself knows it and the data has the separate security function such as by using the file locking function or encoding the file or the transfer data

  7. Article 7 (Access control about personal information)

    The Company is taking necessary measures through the access control about personal information through the conferment, change and expiration of the access right about the data base system which processes personal system and uses the infringement blocking system and is controlling the illegal access from outside

  8. Article 8 (In charge of the personal information protection)
    1. ① The Company designates the person in charge of the personal information protection as follows for the complaint processing and rescue of the damage etc of the information holder related to the personal information process and who can take the whole responsibility for the task related to the process of the personal information
    2. [In charge of the person information protection]
    3. ② The information holder may consult the person in charge of the personal information protection about the matters related to all the personal information protection-related inquiry, complaint process and damage rescue etc that occurred while he was using the Company’s service. The Company will process and respond to such inquiry without delay
    4. ③ The security maintenance responsibility about the ID and the password related to the user’s personal information is wholly upon the corresponding user, himself. The Since there is no case that the Company asks for the password directly to the user, the user should give special attention not to give away his password to anybody else. He should give more special attention when there is connection in the on-line status in a public place
    5. ④ The Company can not be held responsible about the damage of the information due to an unexpected accident occurring by way of the danger on the network such as hacking etc using the cutting-edge technology although any possible supplementation measures have been taken
  9. Article 9 (About the operation of the cookies)
    1. ① The Company stores frequently the information of the user in order to provide the specialized customized service to the members and operates the searching cookies, the connection information file. The Company identifies the computer of the user regarding the operation of the Cookies, but does not identify the user personally
    2. ② The user has the right about the cookie. The user can permit all the cookies by selecting the Tools->Internet Options->Security->user’s definition level in the Web browser or goes through the verification each time the cookie is stored or can refuse the storing of all the cookies. However, if the user refuses the storing of all the cookies, he can not use the service provided by the company through the cookies