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Santa Vision 1st Airdrop!

  • 1011 Going / 49 Interested
  • 1583978400000 ~
  • 마리오타워 1213호서울 구로구 구로디지털로30길 28

Event Information

  • +82 025880626
  • The very first airdrop service of santa coin
    STC will be given to users who join airdrop event on 11th 11am

    This kind of airdrop services come up with
    similar plan in few days around
    listing day which is 16th

    We now going to put together other airdrop events soon
    so please keep us posted here community

    STC is now listed and traded on
    Thanks a bunch and see you guys soon
    when our next events updated

    1. Join Events ( change to 'Going' )
    2. E-Mail Verification nessecery
    3. Write comments to encourage this project

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    야기되는 여러가지 문제점 등, 공정성과 투명성을 바탕으로 기부자가
    기부주권을 가지는 시스템 정착을 위해 노력할 것입니다

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  • Bytesmix
    1st Airdrop has finished. But remains 2,3, 4th airdrop :) don't miss it!! see u soon. thank you
  • 산타스
    good event !!
  • aob1987
    very good
  • rizkymbun
    good projject
  • cosleos
  • Riyan87
    Kok aku g dapat apa2
  • Riyan87
    Ok jos
  • onik555
  • Krisdiansyah
    You are very serious for this job, you have worked hard to achieve this project, it is inspiration for everyone. I hope your project is always lucky and will change the world.
  • Sohel
    nice project
  • Appgun33
  • Reyhan Aditya
    good projeck
  • anggakuya
  • ridlo
    ok good
  • rosid121
    distribusion is end .?
  • ayas97
    when distribusion
  • sadd5675
    not landing
  • Firsyah17
    its good project would i say
  • sikasep
    nice project
  • Sagita Niezha
    good project