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FALCON last airdrop!

  • 2299 Going / 9 Interested
  • 1595570400000 ~
  • Falcon CoinFalcon Foundation

Event Information

  • 👉 Notice!
    🔥Please check this HOW TO JOIN AIRDROP 🔥

    2020-07-24 15:00 (UTC/GMT+9) For 2000 users!!
    2500 FACOM Coins each user

    1. FACOM 입금 지갑 생성!

    2. 이메일 인증 필수!

    3. 이벤트 참여 클릭 ( 버튼 )

    4. 응원 메세지

    5. Falcon 커뮤니티 참여 ( )

    1. CREATE FACOM Deposit wallet

    2. Email Verification required!

    3. Make status to 'Going'

    4. Add comments to encourage this project

    5. Join community ( )

    More deails here

  • Bytesmix
    We will open swap in a month
  • Jamil
  • Eiramra
    hi, is this project or token still moving forward? Telegram group is not active.
  • danny
    My FACOM from airdrop gone :(
  • Rais Bmj
    please swap my facom
  • Rais Bmj
    hai gays.. swap is close ?
  • Rais Bmj
    faco saya hilang
  • bang online
    list PROBIT 😍
  • Kang Dan
    why i lost my coin?
  • Februari
    Why i lost my coin.?where is my falcon?
  • Permadi1
    hi my falcon is lost. i am forget to swaf it. any solution?
  • Permadi1
  • Permadi1
    hi my falcon is lost. i am forget. any solution?
  • Ryo Aza
    where is the eagle balance? did the exchange start?
  • Vinod123
    not received swapped token
  • hknyldz
    swap and dont send me...
  • hknyldz
    swap and dont send me...
  • sparkelestro
    my facom balance just dissappear admin help
  • hidayatullah
    swap succes
  • Rayhan
    apreation for you bystemix. thanks so much for every airdrop. good luck bystemix
  • Moon
    wait everyone. swap takes too much times because transaction fee. If u completed swap, you will get it finally. please wait